Hello...I attempted this method with 12v sealed battery and billed it for 12hr with connection supply +'ve to battery +'ve and source -ve to battery -ve but it's not charging in excess of 1V...techniques a problem...four. The relays ought to click a few occasions, then the purple LED will turn on indicating that the batteries are discharging.After … Read More

You will require pretty larger DC voltage 48V-60V to kickstart the procedure. I made use of a bank of five 12V batteries in series to receive it and connect with the fully sulfated kinds. It will usually take 20-30 mins to begin charging and You may have to wait until you see bubbling in every one of the cells as well as mobile is hot. Disconnect i… Read More

Tom Ericson is so assured of the class that he's prepared to again it which has a 60 working day a refund guarantee. He wishes you to learn how one can recondition aged batteries without worrying about the cash you invested within the program. The program has to be really worthwhile simply because to date we haven't come across any complaints or re… Read More

Have you ever ever made an effort to recharge the battery including your cellphone or notebook battery and it just does not maintain any charge?Should you have located the remedies the values for each battery ability very reduce Together with hard work integrated to recondition a previous battery pack reasonably lessened undeniably.I attempted this… Read More